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Example of a Super Hero Awakening Ceremony
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An Empowering Experience


This "Spreading the Black Joy Virus" project, is for young people in preschool up to third grade. It is based on the rhyming children's book, written by S. Renee Mitchell, titled "The Awakening of Sharyn: A Shy & Brown Super Gyrl." The storyline is loosely based on Renee's growing up experiences as a shy and bullied child.

We are offering this unique opportunity to elementary school teachers, groups of parents and non-profit organizations that have access to young children who will benefit from the inspiration of a Black girl as a role model in order to claim their own Super Hero powers (such as kindness, cleaning up after yourself, waiting your turn in line) and wearing a mask to help protect others).


Each participating child will receive a free, branded, Spreading the Black Joy Virus bag of goodies that includes:

An eye mask they can decorate with paint, sharpies, glitter, feathers, etc.

An accompanying workbook for parents or teachers to discuss issues in the book. It also has fun activities that reinforce the learning.

A link to a video of me reading the book.

Worksheets to guide children to write their own Super Hero story.

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book & workbook


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Awakening - Be Brave
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