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The Spreading Black Joy campaign honored Black elders with a creative, photo/video conversation that engenders hope, joy, healing and belonging within Portland’s Black community.  At one time, this neighborhood was THE cultural hub of Portland's Black community. It was the center of Black business, jazz clubs, houses of faith, and cultural arts. But, this historic Albina community has been wounded by generations of displacement and racial trauma.

Albina Vision's Community Investment Plan and City of Portland's Williams & Russell Project are two of several attempts to bring development and culture back into that neighborhood. However, Albina Vision has been most intentional about infusing Black Joy into its project programming. Its plan includes creating public spaces, a public waterfront park along the Willamette River, a public plaza, and public park blocks.

The first tribute of the Remember Me/Us/Albina project is our beloved Paul Knauls, the honorable Mayor of NE Portland, who turned 92 on Jan. 22, 2023.

These collages serve as our collective remembrance of the visibility and diversity of the Black community, which may be dispersed, but our heart still beats strong for Albina.

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