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I Am MORE (Making Ourselves Resilient Everyday) is a Portland-based organization that is focused on empowering Black youth. When we first thought about creating a "Spreading the Black Joy Virus" campaign, it was done as an acronym - J.O.Y  V.I.R.U.S., which stands for Journey of Youth Voices Inspiring Resiliency & Unveiling Strengths.


Black youth are at the center of our programming and the center of our heART.  We don't just give young people something to do, we help them figure out who they want to become by showing them how to tap into their hidden potential and then create opportunities for them to shine, make money and dream BIG! This Black Joy campaign is especially created for YOU! So, please take advantage of these opportunities for you to showcase your potential, your creativity and your brilliance.


Shine on, Black child, shine on!

Click to learn more about I Am MORE's philosophies about working with youth.

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Click pictures to go to pages especially designed to showcase and celebrate Black youth.
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